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Remedy Training Co.

We are a fitness facility specializing in personal training, group fitness training, and nutrition coaching/accountability and we are dedicated to your success!  

Our mission is to serve our community, and beyond, through achieving goals in health, fitness, and happiness.  We do this by finding the right plan that meets the individuals needs and skill level. Creating the right prescription for accomplishing specific goals, educating on proper and safe movement, and implementing accountability are just some of the tools we use to create success the fastest way possible.  

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About Me

Hi there!  

My name is Ryan Pei.  I am the owner and head trainer at Remedy Training Co.  I've learned a lot about health and fitness over the past 10 years; whether it'd be involving my own journey, or how I have continued to develop myself as a coach.  Either way, it's given me a huge passion in using that information to help others in my community towards reaching the goals that they want to achieve in health and fitness.  I'm very fortunate to be trusted with the opportunity to help people in that way, and I take that opportunity to heart.  What I continually strive to do is make sure I design the most effective plan towards reaching goals, educate on how to move well, maintain a safe environment, create an enjoyable process, and provide results.  I'm excited to be a part of anyone's journey towards health, fitness, and happiness!  

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